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About the Event

Do you have legal questions about special education? Do you want to better understand how to advocate for your learner experiencing dyslexia?

Main Speaker

Magda Labonté-Blaise, Esq.

Magda continues to dedicate her career to supporting parents and families of students with special needs in New York. Magda was a special education teacher for the New York City Department of Education and worked in classrooms across the continuum of special education services: as a teacher in a special class within District 75 to a SETSS provider in a community school. She was also a special education supervisor in a charter high school before going on to litigate cases on behalf of the DOE for the Impartial Hearings Representation Office. Shortly thereafter, Magda switched sides and accepted a position at a prestigious special education law firm where she dedicated 6 years to advocating for parents and children with special needs throughout New York City, Westchester, and Long Island. Recently, Magda started her own practice, Labonté-Blaise Law, LLC, with a mission to TO RAISE AWARENESS, INCREASE EQUITY AND CREATE OPPORTUNITY IN EDUCATION FOR ALL STUDENTS. Magda is excited to connect with parents and share meaningful information so that parents can support their child's needs.

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